Ahmed Naciri PhD, FCPA

Ahmed Naciri PhD, FCPA

Ahmed Naciri PhD, FCPA

UniversitŽ du QuŽbec ˆ MontrŽal

Ahmed Naciri, PhD, FCPA, is a full professor at the ESG-Montréal, and former professor at ISCAE, ESSEC, IAE-Sorbonne, CNAM, Ottawa, Maryland. He is also founding chairman of the International Center for Governance and the research group on governance and politics (GREP). Very active on the four continents, he has contributed to projects initiated by CIDA, World Bank, UNDP, and EEC. He maintains close ties with more than a hundred international institutions. One of his main contributions in international cooperation lies in the organization of the summer school on governance, in Montreal and New York, for the benefit of several hundred senior leaders from different African countries: ministers, senators, supreme court legislators, and general managers of African public institutions.

Banker in his early career, Dr Naciri's academic work reflects a strong commitment to ethical management and a sense of social leadership and includes a dozen books and more than 60 papers, published with major international editors, such as Springer or Rutledge, etc. His work enabled him to make a significant and innovative contribution to the areas of financial information quality, transparency, and socio-economic impact and deserved him a high international recognition. He was nominated best researcher by the Administrative Sciences Association of Canada (ASAC), and was honored in 2015 by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission, the SEC for his book "Credit rating Governance, The gatekeepers" (Rutledge); Also honored in 2016, by the Association of Chartered Accountants of Quebec (CPA) by a Fellow award, for his book "Traité de gestion d'entreprise, instrument de création de valeur" (PUQ); His other book "The Governance Structures of the Bretton Woods Financial Institutions, A Case of "Beggar-Thy-Neighbour" was recognized as the most viewed book of the year 2020, by Springer Publishers. Most recently, he was named World Expert of the Year 2022, by Finance Monthly of the United Kingdom, in Economics and Tax Studies. An honor that was reconducted for the year 2023.

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