Bertine Brouwer

Bertine Brouwer

Bertine Brouwer

Executive Coaching

Bertine is an Executive Leadership Coach with over 15 years of experience in the business world and more than a decade as an entrepreneur. Her life journey has taken her across the globe, residing in diverse locations such as Boston, Santiago Chile, and Mexico City. She now works globally with senior leaders from large corporations to scale-ups, business owners and teams.

Driven by a lifelong interest in professional and personal development, Bertine turned her curiosity into a career as an executive coach, following intensive training. Drawing on her extensive business background, she dedicates herself to empowering individuals to become better leaders, helping them to uncover their authentic paths. Her mission is to guide others to tap into their internal power, creating a work and life experience marked by joy, creativity, and ease.

Bertine's strength lies in her capacity to establish trust and connection with her clients. Her approach combines accountability with compassion, instilling confidence and activating unlimited potential to achieve greater impact. Known for her positive outlook and using both her analytical and intuitive qualities, she recognizes growth opportunities in every situation.

With certifications of both the International Coach Federation and Positive Intelligence, Bertine is dedicated to excellence, integrity, and continuous learning. Her commitment to transforming lives and organizations is reflected in her down-to-earth approach, rooted in authenticity, positivity, and a profound understanding of leadership development.

Bertine: ÔI believe in the deepest desire of every individual to grow and unleash their full potential. Even the most successful people encounter obstacles in both their careers and personal lives. The skills and traits that once brought them success often no longer serve them. I help leaders connect the dots and see the unseen patterns they unknowingly repeat in different relationships and situations throughout their lives. By making changes in both thoughts and actions they can positively influence and reshape the course of their lives, creating more joy, fulfilment, and a higher sense of wellbeing'.

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