Finance Monthly - Global Awards 2021

JEFF ARNOLD Insurance Leader of the Year, USA 20 You’re also an author of five books, including four #1 bestsellers – tell us a little bit about them. Thank you for that question and I could spend forever on this, but I’ll try to be succinct. • My first book The Art of the Insurance Deal is a look back on insurance firms acquired and lessons learned. It lists more failures than successes and therefore is a great “what not to do” read for anyone in the M&A space. • My second book How to Beat Your Insurance Company has a bit of a misleading title (or a hook as my publisher called it). This one is mostly about the value of using a professional insurance representative or agent to get the best value in all insurance purchased. • My third book is Tech Enabled, Tech Forward and Tech Shackled. This was a primer reflecting on how integrating tech in our industry should and should not be done. • My fourth book Insurance Evolved is another very short primer on where I see our industry in 2025. A date that is rapidly approaching. The content, though brief, is super thought-provoking. • Lastly, my fifth book is Moments with Mucka. Though this one has not made it to number one yet, I hope that it will join the other publications one day. Moments with Mucka is about my firm RIGHTURE and our journey to become a highly awarded workplace and technology firm. It includes emails and memos from me to staff in our early days and discusses the operational, cash flow, staffing issues that nearly every agency owner or insurance executive can relate to. When can we expect a new book and what topic do you plan to explore next? I think I am always working on the next book in my mind and candidly I am probably already three books ahead in my imagination. The book I am consolidating the most notes about right now is The Rise of the InsurTechs and am quietly speaking to founders I believe are transforming the landscape of how insurance is bought, sold and serviced Finally, can you tell us a little bit about this award and what it means to you? RIGHTSURE has been so very fortunate to be a recipient of so many awards, but the thing about winning is that it never ever gets old. It is actually quite addicting and pushes everyone at our firm to improve, be better, work smarter and harder. Winning is for everyone a validation that we are on the right path, working as a team. "Firms that want to remain relevant have to adapt, enhance offerings, improve messaging and become engaged in not only re-recruiting their existing staff but continually identifying what the next wave of onboarding insurance geeks wants work to look like."

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