Finance Monthly - Global Awards 2021

ELISABETH DAWSON Financial Adviser of the Year, USA 30 Why should more people consider working with you? We specialise in creating a vision for the ultimate goal of retirement and helping people retire right the first time. No one should have to go back to work once they are retired. I read an article in the World Economic Forum that stated that the typical 65-year-old only has enough savings to cover 9.7 years of retirement income. Based on the average life spans of men and women, that leaves them facing 8-11 more years with no savings left! And that is assuming you live an average lifespan. What if you're one of the "lucky" ones who live longer, and you outlive your money by 20 to 25 years or more? Once we begin to create solutions for our financial goals, we create building blocks to take care of our family in the event we are no longer here. If you are your “money person”, then we need to have strategies in place for your spouse, partner, children to be wise with what you have worked so hard to create for them for their lifetimes. This is where certain financial tools will help to create the estate that our families need and you can have peace that your family will be taken care of. Again, the relationship with money is crucial. We want to create a better relationship with it and then pass down that knowledge and education to the next generation so that we can all be good stewards of it. What have been some of your main recent achievements? Earlier this year, I had a vision to create a Financial Education Portal based on my book, Wealth By Design, for clients, prospects and other advisers in the financial services industry. We have been working on this since February 2021 and it is now fully operational. The name of the site is and I encourage everyone to get a copy of our book and go through the educational course to work on building the Financial Plan that you want to create. This is a step by step of our process and helps the “Do-It-Yourselfer” accomplish this planning on their own. Or the consumer can reach out to us and we can take them through the process together. This has been a huge undertaking and a passionate work of mine. I’m so grateful for all the support and our team's hard work to create such an amazing educational platform. I have had the privilege of being recognised as a nominee for Woman of the Year and Industry Leader through San Diego Magazine. I was also recently awarded as a Power Woman of San Diego for Discover Magazine and someone to watch out for. "Creating a strategy may increase your potential for success, both before and after retirement. Chasing “hot” investments often leads to despair. Create an asset allocation strategy that is properly diversified to reflect your objectives, risk tolerance, and time horizon; then make adjustments based on changes in your personal situation, not due to market ups and downs."

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