Finance Monthly - Global Awards 2021

FINANCE MONTHLY GLOBAL AWARDS 2021 43 Financial Consulting Firm of the Year Greece Joint Efforts Innovations- 4 SYNERGIES T: +30 6944 410 915 Ioannis Sinanidis About Joint Efforts Innovations Business Intelligence is transforming the way business is done. Information’s are remain the number one factor on every aspect of our lives. Our AI-powered data analytics platform for business intelligence provides comprehensive data visualization and analysis, without any coding or programming, to enable faster and better decision-making. Business intelligence (BI) is a critical component for any organization that wants to stay ahead of the competition. With the help of our industry-leading business intelligence consulting firm, they can uncover insights, optimize their business processes, and achieve new levels of efficiency in their operations. Joint Efforts Innovations- 4 SYNERGIES Business intelligence consulting firm specializing in churn analysis, customer retention, and lead scoring. We help our clients build a churnresistant business with a high ROI by working with a high level of confidentiality. We help businesses navigate the complex world of data and analytics. We combine our expertise in business intelligence, data science, and forecasting to deliver innovative solutions tailored to the specific needs of our clients. Our team has extensive experience with a wide range of industries, including retail, healthcare, financial services, and more. We have the ability to analyze data and turn it into actionable insights is one of the most crucial skills for a business. That's where we come in! We help companies make better decisions by leveraging a suite of powerful analytics capabilities. With a team of experienced consultants, we work with clients to solve their toughest business challenges by analyzing data and providing insights that result in real business results. By establishing the correct partnerships through markets inside information’s we bringing together business and secure the development plans with a way of minimizing the required resources and efforts. Business market information’s set our development projects to be appointed to the best possible synergies on the highest level of efficiency. We make your business data talk. Our team of data scientists and analysts can answer all your questions on how to use data to make more informed decisions. We also provide solutions to help you with anything from forecasting to dashboards, and everything in between. Avoid spending resources and starting from zero, we have already evaluated for you partnerships and realistic market goals. As strategic advisory firm we are an invaluable asset to any business but we are differentiating on the approach. We remain close to our goal, to provide the correct and accurate information’s about every synergy and partnership and we maintain a low profile without big Ads and a flashing internet presence. We commit as a firm but in personal as well. An approach that is missing nowadays. Overall we're a strategic advisory firm focused to help our clients by providing them with a variety of services that help them identify, assess, and develop new opportunities. Our services span across four core practices: Strategy, Advisory, Corporate Finance, and Management Consulting. Our firm focuses exclusively on business development actions when the execution of complexity projects needs the merge of : the top management, the financial, the legal, the accountant and the sales sectors to partner and act together, such as (M&A and NPL projects). Every sector needs different information to evaluate the reliability and the correct plan execution process. We work with companies looking to grow their revenue and become more competitive in their market, and help them translate their business objectives into actionable strategies. Our methodology enables organizations to maximize the profitability of every customer interaction. Most important, we've helped businesses become more profitable by assessing their business needs, developing a customized plan of action, and implementing the plan. Customized solutions will maximize your revenue, and most important will reduce business-related risks. Our portfolio includes, research Institutions, start-ups, SME's, and large multinational corporations when on the other site our credentials comes through our accreditations as authorized Advisors from International Financial Institutions, E.U. Commission, State Authorities and Consultation Body Memberships.

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