Finance Monthly - Global Awards 2021

FINANCE MONTHLY GLOBAL AWARDS 2021 45 She started her career as a business consultant, managing Working Capital optimization projects for major industrial groups in Europe and the United States within a leading-edge consulting firm. Then, as a Partner and Managing Director, she managed her professional training company in France for more than 10 years, developing added value and tailored made managerial training content & approaches for thousands of employees and state agents. Transitioning to Casablanca in 2015, she created, launched and deployed the African Executive Education offer of a world-class business school, leading team and processes related to Executive programs. Now based in Istanbul, she has extended her digital coaching reach to both continents, Europe and Africa, partnering with like-minded agile coaches and coaching ventures. Clients that Sandrine supported in their professional journeys as their Career Coach say she helped them gain overall clarity, momentum and structure about their professional evolution. She made sure they would stay connected to their own value and constantly brought back to the concreteness of life, in the two axes of doing and being. Her positive energy and her capacity to be in alliance with them was key to their success in achieving their goals. Passionate about all forms of esthetical expression, thriving to be part of a greater all in her unique way, eager to live and experience overall harmony with her inter-cultural family, Sandrine has also dedicated herself to educational and architectural heritage preservation volunteering actions for many years. About G&L Shift® Founded in 2018, G&L Shift® is an international venture providing authentic coaching support and sustainable services to private companies, NGO’s and individuals, helping them invent their future businesses, careers, ways of working and living. Because we believe in relating strongly to people and organizations that are growing, changing, facing new challenges of multiple forms, we offer an international reach through our digital coaching, consulting, training practice. Leveraging 3.0 e-coaching online tools in service of our global service approach – career, business, team, international mobility - our company helps entrepreneurial leaders, managers, teams and expatriates in their transition, evolution, innovation journeys. Our systemic and humanizing coaching approach allows our clients to step back from complex situations, while providing relevant tools and resources that contribute to their performance and growth. Today, we serve clients throughout Europe and Africa, in both languages, French and English.

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