Finance Monthly - Global Awards 2021

FINANCE MONTHLY GLOBAL AWARDS 2021 47 businesses, communities, and the whole of society. Nicholson Hall Advisory Limited focuses on making it easier for business owners to sell their businesses on better terms so they can enjoy a richer happier future. Founder and business owner, Christine Nicholson is an author, speaker and multi-award-winning Professional Business Mentor who works with founders who still work in the day-to-day management of their technology, engineering, or product / services businesses. She’s been helping businesses for over 30 years and worked in different sectors, including running a zoo. She’s founded her own companies and been through many kinds of exit journey. Walking in the founders’ shoes and living to tell the tale enables her to help other business owners secure their own financial future. “My clients have always increased turnover, profitability and cash – they’ve made millions and saved themselves thousands in the process.” Christine believes that more profitable and successful businesses lead to a better world not just for now but for our future. “I believe there is incredible power when GREAT IDEAS meet SUCCESSFUL IMPLEMENTATION - I get really excited when I can work with someone who has a great idea and successfully implements the appropriate actions.” Nicholson Hall Advisory Limited focuses on the 3 steps that make your business worth more: 1.Get it valued 2.Build a Value Adding Plan 3.Implement the Plan There three steps will leave you with a business that is worth more, makes more profit and can run without you when you are ready to leave. Being in business is hard enough; investing in a succession and exit plan can add millions and save you thousands in the long run. It is an investment that will help your business survive and thrive. Christine was UK Business Mentor of the Year and a Global Top 50 Woman in Accounting in 2020. She’s been on BBC Radio talking about business. She has received the highest Professional Accreditation as a Business Mentor from the Association of Business Mentors and has an ILM7 in Business Mentoring. The author of 4 business books, 5-Minute Finance, What’s Your Profit Score, How to Build a Unicorn and Sell It, she has a driving passion for promoting entrepreneurship and educating entrepreneurs. She is a Court Assistant and Freeman the Company of Entrepreneurs of the City of London and actively supports, encourages and nurtures current and future entrepreneurs.

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