Finance Monthly - Global Awards 2021

FINANCE MONTHLY GLOBAL AWARDS 2021 79 As a change management consultant, Margaret operates at the cutting edge of change, using research and consulting expertise to help clients envision the manager, employee and customer of the future. She works with her clients to help them lead change at every level and to give them a competitive advantage in the war for talent and provide the market insight to target products and services for an increasingly diverse and rapidly changing customer base. As an executive coach, Margaret works with clients going through a change process to coach individual executives on leading the change. Having been the first woman executive in three different companies, she spends much of her time helping executives understand, recognise, and address personal, style, leadership, and behavioral issues. Her career as a corporate executive has informed her coaching experience. Upon entering a consulting career, she quickly became the coach for several CEOs who were clients of Towers Perrin—and this continued, once she spun off The FutureWork Institute, as a strategic alliance of Towers Perrin, now Willis Towers Watson. She was trained in coaching as part of her Ph.D. work at Fordham University. To stay ahead of the learning and development trends, Margaret developed FutureWork Island to engage clients in education and simulations in an immersive virtual world. She also developed the first Virtual Global Summit for 1,000 managers from Microsoft and Sodexo and created virtual conferences and training on the ON24 platform. Currently, she is developing the FutureWork Metaverse in the virtual world to enable clients to hold meetings, conferences, and social activities, e.g., ice skating, hang gliding, bike and motorcycle riding, boating and other activities with the avatars that her partner CNDG/UniVirtual creates for clients. This is in response to the need for people working in the “Now Normal” hybrid work world to keep social distance but interact with colleagues and friends is a way not possible through Zoom meetings. About The FutureWork Institute We are a consulting team working for over 25 years in diversity, equity and inclusion, leadership and career development, future work, and work/life assignments for major global organisations. With a core team and global network of consultants who model includion and new ways of work, we help our clients discover innovative ways to make their workscapes places where all talent can make extraordinary contributions to the enterprise. A firm that focuses on the future of DEI by integrating talent management, leadership, and diversity work; linking our clients’ DEI work to the business strategy; inventing new ways for our clients to learn and collaborate and ensuring a change management approach to DEI that also focuses on the ROI of our clients’ work.

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