Finance Monthly - Global Awards 2021

FINANCE MONTHLY GLOBAL AWARDS 2021 88 Digital Banking Solutions & Innovative Services Tunisia About Jihene Malek Jihene Malek has a doctorate in Economics from Tunis University, where she also gained some valuable teaching experience. She’s held various positions including CSO project manager and Chief Economist at public institutions. She’s written a research paper, a policy brief and has worked closely with numerous advocacy groups. Jihene has provided consultancy services connected to empowerment, financial literacy, education, digital banking, innovation, and crowdfunding. She enjoys writing, cooking, painting and practicing yoga. About Tunisian Smart Cities We realise it The Tunisian Smart Cities association is a forward-looking association, carrying the program that bears its name and which will eventually be materialised by a national network of smart cities. Tunisian Smart Cities is a program that is inspired by the Smart City initiatives launched in some Tunisian cities such as Bizerte and Kairouan with a view to organising a national deployment. Through this program we want to materialise the transition from a city that wants to be intelligent to a country promoting intelligence at the service of our cities and our territories. In Tunisia, the concept of smart city or Smart City is starting to gain momentum. To set up Smart projects, the National Tunisian Smart Cities program provides for a set of concrete activities, extended over three years, with a view to the production of prospective and strategic studies, advocacy in favor of territorial development, and capacity building of local communities. key players. The program aims to optimise the performance of Tunisian cities, promote and strengthen the capacities of local actors for foresight through a support program concerning the interpretation of the guidelines of the methodological guide for the implementation of a Smart City approach on their territories. Tunisian Smart Cities Jihe e Malek

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